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 The following is some feedback I have received from clients. Please contact Delia Nessim Counseling to submit a testimonial.

"I feel you understand my suffering"


That was a wonderful first session we had Delia. I feel you understand my suffering and that makes me feel wanted and less scared to try and become more connected. Thank you again for making yourself so available. 


"You truly are gifted"


Thank you so much for yesterday. I truly have never been so relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable as in your capable hands.  You truly are gifted and your pure heart and intentions I immediately felt. You made it safe and that is no easy task with me. Being a safe healer is the highest complement I can give anyone and you are that, It was amazing. 

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"You have the perfect voice for this work"

Dear Delia,

Thank you so much for your time last week and for inviting me to be a part of the hypnotism process.  I really enjoyed it.  I believe I could learn a lot about relaxing from the techniques you introduced.  I am trying to relax about the weight issue and I hope that by putting all of the things I have learned about nutrition, exercise and now hypnotism into practice I may someday have success...

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