"You have the perfect voice for this work"

Dear Delia,

Thank you so much for your time last week and for inviting me to be a part of the hypnotism process.  I really enjoyed it.  I believe I could learn a lot about relaxing from the techniques you introduced.  I am trying to relax about the weight issue and I hope that by putting all of the things I have learned about nutrition, exercise and now hypnotism into practice I may someday have success...

 ...I received the e-mail you sent with the self hypnosis 3-step method.  I appreciate you taking the time to do that for me.  I practiced the first step this morning; I am going to try to follow the steps.  Once I come up with a positive, simple, believable phrase, I will e-mail it to you for your opinion.

Best wishes for much success with your hypnotism practice.  As I mentioned, I think you have the perfect voice for this work.  Your voice is very soothing and pleasant to listen to while being under hypnosis.