About Delia Nessim Counseling 

I use my understanding of the human experience to help myself and others find meaning and higher purpose in life. My nurturing nature encourages mutual respect, acceptance and self-expression. My desire is to explore and bring out the greatness that resides in all of us.

All of us came into the world with a divine destiny just waiting to be activated. Unfortunately, various life circumstances led to blocks and barriers to fulfilling that destiny. In my work, I implement various techniques (including hypnosis and EFT) to release fear-based barriers and allow life to be filled with joy and satisfaction. 

Delia Nessim Counseling: Delia Nessim

About me

I earned my Master's degree from Chestnut Hill College in Clinical Psychology.  I specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy because family is such an integral part of who we are. Our genetics and our up-bringing come from our family. When clients include family in the therapeutic process, positive outcomes are fast and long-lasting.  

Most of my adult life has been focused of seeking self-actualization. I love to read and listen to web casts that inspire emotional and spiritual growth and it is wonderful to share my knowledge with my clients. I believe the energy body and the sub-conscious mind are instrumental aspects of our day to day functioning. To better explore those deeper parts of the self, I became certified in Hypnosis and EFT (emotional freedom technique). These are just two of the many tools that can be used to release patterns that no longer serve our highest good.  

I worked as a home-based family therapist for Northwestern Human Services (NHS) helping children and families in Montgomery County by recognizing negative patterns and working together to reshape family relationships. After NHS, I went to Saint Gabriel's Hall and worked with adolescent boys from inner-city Philadelphia. This experience was very rewarding because I saw first-hand how quickly behaviors improved when the children felt heard, accepted, and validated.

Delia Nessim, MS, MFT, NGH